Flat Roof Repairs

Do you have a leaky flat roof? Do you need your roof repairing? We can help...

Welcome to peace of mind regarding your flat roof.

As an approved installer of Firestone EPDM Rubbercover, we provide roofing solutions that look good and once installed has a life expectancy of over 40 years – Unlike many other “newer” materials to the UK, Firestone’s EPDM has been installed in USA for over 40 years. Globally, over One Billion Square Metres of Firestone EPDM has been successfully installed, and is a testimony of pure excellence.

The installation of an EPDM roof is by a cold lay technique, which means that there is no need to use any heat, resulting in a safer option for the replacement of your flat roof. Firestone EPDM Rubbercover roofs can only be installed by trained contractors, which means that you can be assured that your installation will be reliable and of a high standard from both the material and the installation point of view.

Most of the Firestone roofs that we have fitted have been seamless, as the rubber sheets are available in various roll sizes, which results in fewer seams and less installation time. There should be no reason to maintain an EPDM Rubber roof – all you will have to do is wipe clean the edge trims now and again.

EPDM Rubber is UV and ozone stable so it will never perish. It will stay flexible and so can move with the building, unlike static installation systems. It is installed successfully in Alaska and in the Middle East. So the effect of the British weather on it will never be a problem either!

Our Firestone EPDM Rubbercover roofs have the following benefits:-

-  They are manufactured to last. All Rubbercover carries a 20 year guarantee with a life expectancy of over 40 years.
-  They can only be fitted by approved installers ensuring an efficient installation every time.
-  They are virtually maintenance free. The edge trims just need wiping over every now and again.
-  They are flexible and lightweight.