Create Extra Space and Light for Your Home without Having to Move

June 10, 2012

The housing market has not improved much since the economic downturn began, and so if you're finding that your current home has become a bit of a squeeze, you may well be reluctant to think about selling up and buying a bigger house. One way of adding some extra space to your property is by having a conservatory built. This one extra room can really make a difference to that overcrowded feeling in your home. Use the room how you wish, but having it provide an alternate lounge or living room is a great idea, particularly if you have older children, as it can give them a space of their own to escape to other than their bedrooms. If you're looking for conservatories on the Wirral, then we can help you to extend your living space with a quality uPVC conservatory. Filled with Light As a country not exactly blessed with sunshine and warmth, conservatories are a fantastic way of adding some extra light into your home. This can do wonders for improving your overall well-being and lifting your spirits. The double glazing will keep in any warmth during the winter, but prevent it from overheating during the summer, so you’ll always be able to curl up with a good book at the right temperature, or enjoy the benefits of having a meal overlooking your garden without having to worry about the heavens opening and dampening your dinner! We have been providing quality glass and double glazing on the Wirral for nearly thirty-five years, so you can rest assured you’ll only be getting the best. We offer the option of 25mm Triplewall polycarbonate double glazing on Chester or Wirral conservatory roofs, which will reflect the sun, also preventing your conservatory from getting too hot and creating the dreaded ‘greenhouse effect’. Alternatively, you might wish to have tinted or clear double glazing installed. Do I Need Planning Permission? For most homes in the UK, you won’t need to get planning permission first in order to have a conservatory built. However, this may be required in some circumstances (such as if you’ve already had an extension built onto your home), so it might be a good idea to check first. Do also think carefully about the location you intend for your conservatory. Although you will want your glazing options to avoid the room from taking in too much sun, you will want it to receive some sunlight at some point during the day. Bear this in mind when thinking about the orientation of your conservatory. What Style of Conservatory Should I Go For? We offer conservatories in different styles, such as Victoria, Edwardian and Garden Room. Victorian conservatories are the most recognisable design and have sloping facets on the roof and segmented front sections. You may find the unusual shape difficult to accommodate furniture and prefer and Edwardian style instead, which has a flat front and square or rectangular floor shape instead, giving you more floor space. Our conservatories are individually designed for you, so call or email us to discuss your needs.


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