Double Glazing and Condensation

January 14, 2013

Warm air from the Gulf of Mexico may hit the North West at Liverpool and Chester but, as you won’t need reminding if you live in the region, it can still be pretty chilly and damp, and the air quite wet too. This can make condensation on windows a bit of a problem, and you may be wondering whether double glazing would provide a complete solution to this issue. The first thing to say is that double glazing can bring down the cost of heating you home by ensuring greater energy efficiency for your windows. The reality is, though, that a sheet of glass can never be quite the same temperature as the rest of a room. This in itself is not something to worry about. However, how much colder it is affects how much moisture appears on the pane as condensation. So you will probably notice that single glazing drips with condensation when the external temperature drops. But you also need to appreciate that double glazing can also be affected by condensation, and that may be more to do with having a moisture within the property itself than anything else. The good news is that there are things you can do to help which won’t cost a penny. These include: •    Minimising how many clothes you dry indoors •    Checking that your tumble drier is not pumping warm, wet into your house rather than somewhere outside •    Closing the door to the room where you are drying your clothes •    Using the extractor fan on your cooker, even when just boiling water for pasta •    Shutting the kitchen door and perhaps opening a window when cooking •    Checking that your damp proof course is effective •    Opening a window or turning on ventilation systems after a bath or shower •    Checking that airbricks haven’t been papered over or otherwise become blocked – speak to a builder or other professional if you are worried The above should tackle your condensation issues and it’s also important to remember that, unless it’s accompanied by black mould, condensation is not in itself usually a problem. Double glazing: feel the benefits Whether you have condensation or not, there are so many advantages to going for the double glazing Chester firms can provide. Here are just some of them: •    You’ll keep the heat in and noise out •    You’ll reduce your carbon footprint •    The upkeep needed on your double glazing in terms of maintenance will be little or none. •    Modern double glazing offers so many different designs to choose from Double glazing from Bebington Glass If you’re in the North West and looking for double glazing and repairs in Wirral alone, there can be so many firms to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. At Bebington Glass, whether you’re looking for replacement windows, double glazing or conservatories in the Wirral or the wider region, we can help. We’re firmly based in the North West, and this year we celebrate 35 years as a family business in the area. Home improvements aren’t to be taken lightly, and you need a company that’s been in the industry a long time, and one you know you can trust. Learn more online today.


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