Turn your Conservatory into an Observatory

January 9, 2014

The BBC is currently showing its 4th series of Stargazing Live, presented by Brian Cox. Members of the public are encouraged to observe the night sky and are given tips on how to spot constellations, galaxies and even shooting stars. So what better way to watch the dark of the night sky than in your very own conservatory? So why is your conservatory the ideal place to view the stars? (The ones in the sky that is, not celebrities). There are several reasons why taking advantage of your conservatory is the ideal way to create a magical experience under the night sky.


Some people drive to the middle of nowhere to find a good place to view the stars, but this is not necessary. But this is not necessary when the ideal location for observation is right on your own doorstep. Actually, no it isn't; it’s closer than that! So why leave your Wirral home to see the sky when you don’t have to? Another popular option is to stargaze out of an upstairs window.  Whilst this may be nearly as convenient, it does not allow the same level of flexibility that your conservatory does. Viewing the stars from under a glass roof allows for a far larger amount to viewable space, so take advantage of it.


Convenience is not the only reason why a conservatory is a better option than a field. Where would you rather be; in the cold and windy outdoors with mud on your shoes or in a comfortable armchair with a glass of wine in one hand? Turn your conservatory into an observatory with lots of space and comfortable furniture. You could even watch the TV at the same time to get up to date advice from Prof. Cox. Just try not to fall asleep in your surrounding comforts.


So turn your lights off and enjoy the feeling of being in your very own observatory. See the stars through the glass ceiling of your conservatory and have the widest field of vision in the house. You could even invite the dog to join you.


There are a few pieces of advice that you should follow to get the most out of your conservatory for stargazing. If you use a telescope, make sure that it is an appropriate size. You don’t want to break your back every time you want to look at something in the other direction. However, for some phenomena, a simple pair of binoculars may be all that is needed. Make sure your glass roof is clean. You may also want to consider using self-cleaning glass when installing your conservatory. Turn the lights low to minimise any light pollution and reflection from the glass.


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