Keeping your conservatory cool in summer

April 22, 2014

With summer fast approaching and the weather steadily improving, the barbeques come out and the shorts are put on. It's the perfect time to enjoy that conservatory that you invested in and relax in the early evening sun. However, conservatories are mostly made of glass and being surrounded by double glazing will have a similar effect to sitting in a greenhouse. Therefore, we have provided some tips on keeping it cool so that you can use it all year round.


One of the most popular options is to use blinds in your conservatory. These can easily be adjusted to block out the sun light or to keep the heat in, helping to maintain a more comfortable temperature. They are also useful when it comes to adding some privacy to the room and prevent it from feeling exposed to your neighbours. Roof blinds are also available to prevent sun light from entering the top of the conservatory. Why not add a bit of colour and make your blinds a major feature in the room.


As the temperature increases, keeping your conservatory well ventilated is an important step towards keeping it cool. This involves opening the windows, and possibly even the doors. The top windows provide the best insulation as heat rises. Why not also add a fan in the room to keep the air moving and provide a pleasant temperature for your conservatory.


Having well watered plants helps to keep the air moist. The moisture in the air will help your conservatory feel cooler. Alternatively, you could have a vase full of flowers or some glasses of water for guests.

Air conditioning

This may be considered an extreme option, but is also one of the most effective ones. An air conditioning unit will keep your conservatory at a steady temperature. This can also be used in the winter to keep it the room warm. The main drawbacks are that air conditioning units are expensive to run and they can also be noisy, which will affect your attempts to relax.

Intelligent glass roof

At Bebington Glass, we can offer a number of intelligent glass options that can help keep your conservatory cool. These will block out ultra-violet rays as well as up to 75% of the sun’s heat, creating a more pleasant temperature in the room.

Window films

Window films are a cheaper option than using intelligent glass, but can be just as effective. The film is applied to the existing double glazing unit for a range of purposes, including keeping out heat and UV rays. They can also make the glass tougher, which offers extra protection from intruders. For further advice on keeping your conservatory cool this summer, call Bebington Glass now on 0151 645 3830 or contact us.


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