Finding a reliable builder or window fitter

May 12, 2014

Everybody wants their home to look beautiful and be up to date. Recent advances in double glazing have made UPVC windows better than ever, but other options just as aluminium or wooden frames and double glazed sash windows are becoming increasingly popular as their appearance can be tailored to the property. However, when getting new windows installed, you need to be comfortable that the job will be done to a high standard. Getting new windows fitted is a massive investment for your home and finding the right person for the job is essential. This is true for any job completed, such as conservatories or doors. If you are not entirely satisfied with the standard of work completed then undoing the damage can be very difficult. Worse still, many people every year become victims of cowboy builders. So how can you protect yourself and ensure that you are using the best person for the job?

Ask to see previous work

Any reputable building company will be able to provide examples of their previous work. If you require a job done that is very specialist, such as bespoke glass floors or, then they may not have examples that match exactly to your requirements. However, the quality of workmanship of similar jobs will let you know how competent they will be.


Make sure that all work carried out is guaranteed. If anything goes wrong with your windows then you need to be able to rely on your window fitter to fix the problem. At Bebington Glass, all of our windows are guaranteed for 10 years to give you peace of mind. Also make sure that the glass used has a high energy efficiency rating. If it does not, then the double glazing fitter may be using cheaper materials that will not last as long.

Are they accredited?

Any reliable double glazing fitter will be a member of a recognised professional organisation. Most of these organisations will only accept membership from established companies who can prove the quality of their work. At Bebington Glass, we are members of several professional organisations, including DGCOS, Constructionline, TrustMark and FENSA. Visit our accreditations page for more information.

Bigger is not always better

You don’t always get what you pay for. Many large double glazing companies have very large marketing costs, so is why they have higher installation costs. Many large companies also use sub-contractors to carry out a lot of their work. This means that the company does not always have full control of the work carried out. It also means that the person carrying out the work is not as concerned about the reputation of the company, which can influence the quality of the work carried out. At Bebington Glass, all of our staff are employed directly by us. Therefore, our team is committed to helping you from start to finish and all of their work is subject to our exceptionally high standards.

Have full contact details

Does your double glazing provider have a fixed address, landline phone number and website? Or do they simply operate using a mobile phone? How easy would it be for them to simply disappear with your money if you are not happy with their work?

Warning signs

Be on the lookout for some shady practices:

  • Insist on cash payments - often offering a discount
  • Refuse to give a receipt
  • Use lots of jargon when explaining the job
  • Openly criticises competitors without being prompted
  • Wants to start immediately - a good builder is a busy one!
  • Pushy sales staff


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