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June 2, 2014

Getting new windows installed in your home is a big investment and you need to be totally happy with the end result. Whilst quality is obviously an important factor, you need to be sure that the appearance will correctly suit the appearance of your home so that you can be proud to show it off for many years to come. Whilst UPVC windows are the most popular option as they are relatively cheap and easy to install, there are many other options available to consider.

Conservation or period properties

Many people who own older properties are reluctant to install modern glazing due to reservations about the appearance. There is a stigma attached to installing double glazing in period properties as some are convinced that it will look cheap. However, there are options available to help the double glazing units match the property very, including wooden frames and even sash windows. In conservation areas, double glazing may not be permitted. In these situations, secondary glazing should be considered as an alternative as it shares many of the benefits of double glazed windows, but maintaining the original frames.


Today, window frames are available in a range of different styles and colours. Windows are no longer restricted to using white UPVC frames. Choose a colour to suit the property to really give your home some character.

Architectural style

Whether you own a modern contemporary property or something a bit more traditional, there are windows to suit everyone. Don’t just choose the easiest option; choose window frames that will really add character to your house. For modern homes, think about floor to ceiling windows and using aluminium frames. For traditional properties, there are a range of designs and shapes for the windows and you can even use encapsulated glass to add stained glass designs.

Think about interiors

You want your property to impress passers-by and to look good as you approach it. Let’s face it though, you’re going to be spending the majority of your time inside. You don’t want to compromise your interior décor with window frames that do not fit in. Be careful to choose the right style that will improve your home’s interior too.

Size and purpose of windows

This is something that many take for granted. Some people consider windows to be an attractive feature of the house and they should look fabulous. Others merely consider windows as a means of seeing outside and letting light in. When making windows an attractive feature in the home, think about timber frames or even modern UPVC sash windows. However, if you just want to add extra light to the interior, aluminium window frames are strong and thin to allow a wider glass area and a brighter home. If you are unsure about what window options are best for your home, call Bebington Glass now on 0151 645 3830 or contact us.


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