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Making the most of solar energy

March 1, 2012

There are many ways of making your home more energy efficient and thus eco-friendly, as well as cheaper to run. For example, you can invest in new double glazing in Chester and elsewhere, enhance your loft and wall insulation, purchase energy saving devices and so on.

Meanwhile, another superb way to ensure your property is greener and less costly to operate involves the use of solar hot water technology. Here at Bebington Glass, as well as our double glazing in Wirral and so on, we also offer superb solar technology.

To benefit from this, you simply need to have special collector tubes mounted on your roof in a southerly facing direction. These warm up significantly more than the ambient air temperature and, once they are several degrees hotter, the energy is transferred and can be used for baths, showers, washing up and so on.

By harnessing the power of the sun in this way, you should be able to significantly reduce your hot water bills, which may come as a relief. After all, energy bills are rising and this long-term trend shows no sign of reversing.

It's estimated that using a solar hot water system can save you 70 per cent on your hot bills and the so-called payback periods on this technology are typically only between five and eight years.

And as well as saving you cash while you're living in the abode, it can also help you profit if and when you move out. Figures produced by the Carbon Trust suggest that homes can rise in value by up to six per cent if they benefit from solar energy.

Our expert team are perfectly placed to help you make the most of such technology, and we can also help you with your needs when it comes to roofing in Liverpool and so on.


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