Hanging Christmas Decorations on your Windows?

December 12, 2014

Christmas is almost upon us and it is time to get festive! Get those decorations out, make the house look all Christmassy and invite your friends and family round to your home to show off all the pretty colours and lights around your house. A popular way to add a festive touch to a room is to hang decorations around the windows. This could be Christmas lights, tinsel or anything you choose. The trouble is, in a few weeks you will be taking it back down and you will want to restore your home exactly to how it was.

So there are 2 problems your may face; how to make your window decorations look good and how to hang them in a way that won’t leave your walls or double glazing in need of repair. Well, let’s look at the options:

Hang it From the Curtain Rail

You could hang your Christmas lights from your curtain rail or blinds. The main advantage to this method is that it will not risk any damage to your windows. However, it can be very difficult to hang your lights in such a way that it looks exactly how you want it. Also, it can be difficult to open and close your curtains or blinds as the decorations may get in the way.

Use Tacks or Drawing Pins

These little pins can be a little bit restrictive as you can only use them on the wall and not the actual window, but you can get pretty good control over how you want them to look. However, you will be left with small holes on your wall. Using this method for consecutive years can make your wall look unsightly.

Use Sticky Tape

This can work on the window or on the wall, although it may not be suitable for tinsel as it can ruin its bushy appearance. However, it may leave a mark on your glazing which is a pain to remove. There is also a risk that it will strip paint of your wall.

Use Blue Tack

The main issue with this method is that it is not very reliable, especially with heavier decorations such as lights. If there is moisture, such as condensation on the windows, then it is even less reliable. Over time, it is possible that it may also strip paint from walls when removed.

Use Suction Cup Hooks

Quite simply, these are suction cups with hooks on the other side. Whilst they may be a bit bulky, they can offer a simple way to hang tinsel and lights around your window and can be used on the glass and on the walls, without risking the need for repair afterwards. These can be bought fairly cheaply from your local supermarket, but more expensive and reliable versions can be bought online.


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