Why do windows mist?

December 19, 2014

One of the most reasons for people to find themselves in need of double glazing repairs in misted windows. Not only does this make your windows look old, tired and untidy, but it can obscure your visibility when looking out. This is a particular problem if you have invested in a picturesque garden or have bought a house with amazing views. More importantly, it can affect the value of your home should you choose to sell it.

It is common knowledge that moisture causes windows to mist, but not many people can explain why this is so.


Misting occurs when the seal around the window fails. This allows moisture to be present between the windows in the double glazing unit. Misting occurs when the moisture condenses between the panes of glass. Once this happens, the misting cannot be easily removed and you may be left with an unsightly scene when looking out of your home.

So why does the deal fail? If you have ever experienced misted windows, you will probably notice that it occurs on the side of the house that faces the sun. When the sun strikes the window, the air around it warms up. Therefore, any air or moisture than gets into the tiny gaps around the seal will also warm up. When the air warms up it starts to expand, putting pressure on the seal around it. Over time, this pressure will cause the gaps to increase in size. Eventually, the gaps will allow air and condensation to get within the void in the middle of the window. When this has happened, the seal has failed. Other factors can speed this up, such as severe weather conditions and cleaning chemicals.

How to prevent it

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do to protect your windows from misting once they have been fitted. This makes it all the more important to use reputable double glazing fitters who are FENSA registered. Your window is more vulnerable if it has been badly manufactured or installed. The seal or the frame can be poorly fitted to allow air and moisture to get inside. Use a reputable double glazing installer when you upgrade or repair your double glazing and you will potentially save yourself a lot of money in the future.

If your windows have become misted, then you may not need to get the whole unit replaced. A reputable contractor can replace the glass without affecting the window frame. This is less expensive than getting a whole new double glazing unit installed.

If you suffer from misting in your windows, call our double glazing repair team in Wirral for a FREE quote that could save you money.


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