Benefits of double glazing

January 16, 2014

It is generally accepted that double glazing will improve the quality of your home. However, many are unsure about what the specific benefits actually are and they may be unwilling to pay a high price for something that they do not see as being a significant improvement. In fact, there are many advantages to having quality double glazing in your home, so much so that it is now a legal requirement that new buildings are installed with double glazing as standard. So how can you benefit from quality double glazing?

Save Energy

It is estimated that 18% of heat in the home is lost through your windows. Not only can double glazing reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment, but it can help to bring down your heating bills. According to the energy saving trust, you can save £170 a year by switching to double glazing. However, getting double glazing installed can be expensive so it should be seen more as a long term investment.

Heat Retention

Because double glazing can insulate your home better, the overall temperature in the home will be higher which will make it easier to relax. It can also reduce any draughts that can come from the windows, which will make the home feel uncomfortable. The two panes of glass are separated by argon, which adds extra insulation. It is not just the glass that can help keep the heat in, but also the quality of the frames used in double glazing units.


The most common way for a burglar to enter your home is through your windows. Therefore, installing high quality double glazing units will not only make it more difficult for thieves to get into your house, but will actually deter them from trying. Many double glazing units will also have security features such as lockable handles to make your home even more secure.

Sound proofing

Whether it is traffic, noisy neighbours or even living close to an airport, noise from outside the home can be very irritating. Installing quality double glazing can reduce the effect of noise by up to 50%. The gap between the glass panes of glass acts a barrier to help prevent sounds from getting through.

Reduce damp

Installing high quality double glazing units can help to prevent damp in the home due to the reduced amount of condensation. Condensation occurs when moist air meets a cold surface and deposits water. This is a major problem for single glazed units. Since the internal pane of glass is warmer than the external pane, it makes it more difficult for condensation to form on it.

Maintenance free

Professionally installed double glazing units require very little maintenance. At Bebington Glazing, our windows are guaranteed for 10 years, giving you peace of mind in your home. In that time, they will not rust, chip or deteriorate. All you need to do is give them the occasional clean.

House value

In today’s housing market, your home needs to stand out from the crowd – for all the right reasons. Not only can a lack of double glazing drastically reduce the value of your home, but it can also increase the amount of time it takes to sell it. Installing superior double glazing units from Bebington Glazing will ensure that your home will be very appealing to potential buyers should you choose to sell your home.

If you require double glazing in Wirral, Liverpool or across the North West, call Bebington Glazing today on 0151 645 3830.


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