Protect your windows from severe weather, buy quality double glazing

February 13, 2014
We are currently undergoing a period of extreme weather and it is important to protect yourself and your home. Last night, winds reached over 100mph in many parts of the UK, including here on the Wirral, and travel was disrupted for many people. This was combined with a prolonged period of wet weather, creating the wettest winter since 1776! This has led to floods in many areas and to others living without power in their homes.  It is important that you look after your home during this severe weather. There are extreme stories about brickwork being damaged and roof tiles being lost. One of the possible consequences of this weather is that the condition of poor quality double glazing may suffer.

Poorly fitted double glazed windows will eventually fail and will leak moisture and condensation will form. The most common visible sign that the double glazing unit has failed is misted windows. Good quality double glazing should be properly sealed and have an in-built drainage system to draw moisture away from the glass. Severe weather, such as wind and rain will accelerate the degradation of poorly fitted UPVC windows, due to the excess water on the unit and movement from the wind. These heavy weather conditions can cause the perimeter edge to lose its integrity and let moisture in. Misting may sometimes only become visible during warm sunny weather, so the issue can get serious during extended periods of wet weather without being detected.

Use a reliable double glazing supplier

If your double glazing unit fails and begins to mist up, it will need fixing quickly. Not only will it be unsightly, but it is also a sign that the double glazing units are no longer airtight. This can create a draught and also be a cause of condensation in the home.

At Bebington Glazing, we can repair your failed double glazed windows without replacing the whole unit. This involves repairing or repairing the glass, without changing the frames. Once the glass is inserted back in, we will ensure that they are fitted properly to ensure that they last.

If you live in Wirral, Liverpool or across the North West, call Bebington Glazing on 0151 645 3830 for superior double glazing.


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