Is double glazing right for everyone?

February 19, 2014
We commonly speak to customers across the Wirral who are worried about the negative impact of double glazing on their home. There are many examples where double glazing is perceived to be a bad thing and many people think it can actually reduce the value of your home in some situations. This means that they may miss out on the benefits, which include warmer indoor temperatures, damp reduction, draught reduction and lower carbon footprint. However, is double glazing a bad thing in some situations? There are no two homes which are the same and this should be taken into account when planning any new glazing. Let’s have a look at some of the options.

Conservation areas

We live in a country that is deep in historical and cultural heritage, so it is only natural that issues can arise when replacing windows in a home. Therefore, the misconception has grown that double glazing is not suitable for conservation areas. The issue is not whether double glazing is appropriate or not, but installing the correct style of windows.

Modern UPVC windows will look out of place in a period property. However, wooden frames can be fitted for your double glazing units, which will suitable for conservation areas and are actually more energy efficient than their UPVC counterparts.

Stained Glass

Many people are unwilling to update their windows if they have traditional stained glass windows in their home. However, the original stained glass can be preserved in modern encapsulated windows. This will help to keep the character of the original windows, with all the added benefits that modern double glazing will bring.

If the original glass pattern is damaged, then we can offer a full restoration and repair service, using traditional techniques, to match your existing windows.

Awkward Shapes

Usually, windows are fitted in traditional rectangular shapes that are easy to measure up and replace. Occasionally, windows will be fitted in traditional properties in a range of different shapes, such as converted church buildings. Some people are reluctant to have double glazing installed as they are unsure if it will be available in the required shapes. At Bebington Glazing, we offer a bespoke window service that will cater for all styles and shapes.

Bathrooms and laundry rooms

Double glazing is a fantastic option when it comes to providing warmth and insulation. It makes sure that the warm inside air does not escape. However, there are some misconceptions that it is not appropriate for rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms. These provide a lot of moisture and insulation is not necessarily a good thing, as the moisture will not be able to escape, leading to condensation.
Double or triple glazing is the best way to prevent condensation from forming on your windows. The extra insulation that they provide will increase the temperature on the interior pane, which will prevent moisture from condensing on it. However, ventilation is extremely important. Modern double glazing units will have venting options built in, although it is a good idea to ensure that an extractor fan is also installed in the room.
In conclusion, there are not many situations where double glazing is not the best option for your home. In some situations, it may be necessary to pay a little bit extra to obtain the modern windows that you require, but this will always add value to your home if it is done correctly.

Based in Wirral and operating across the North West, Bebington Glazing offers a wide range of double glazing services to suit any home. 


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