How Energy Efficient are your windows?

March 11, 2014
It is often stated that one of the main benefits of double glazing in your home is the increased energy efficiency and heat insulation. But what does this mean and how does it affect you? How will you know if your windows are as energy efficient as they can possibly be or if they need updating? All windows lose heat through them, but more energy efficient windows will minimise any heat loss and lower your bills.

What are the benefits of energy efficient double glazing

There are many benefits to having energy efficient double glazing in your home, not all of them are financial. Energy efficient windows can create a more comfortable home with advantages such as:
  • Lower bills
  • Less cold spots
  • Fewer draughts
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Reduced condensation
  • Improved noise reduction
According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save up to £175 a year by having energy efficient double glazing installed. You can work out how much money you can save using this savings calculator from the ggf.

Are your windows energy efficient?

If your windows were fitted before 2002, they might not be up to the same standards that windows that are fitted today must fulfil. There are also some simple checks to make sure that the windows in your home are performing as well as they possibly can. If you experience cold spots or draughts in your home, there is a good chance that your windows are not energy efficient. Large levels of condensation in rooms where moisture levels should not be very high are another indication of poor quality windows.

If your windows have misted up then it is a sign that the window unit has failed. Once this happens, the benefits that double glazing provides are greatly reduced. This means that the glass needs replacing in order to have an energy efficient home.

Buying energy efficient windows

The BFRC provides energy efficiency ratings for windows, giving them a rating from A to G. The whole unit, including the glass and the frame is assessed on its ability to retain heat. At Bebington Glass, we believe in maximising energy efficiency so all of our windows are A-rated as standard. We also ensure that all of our windows are fitted to a high standard by our own staff to ensure that they are of a high standard.


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