Enhance your home with glass balustrades

April 22, 2014

When planning the interior of your home, there are many factors to consider. One option that is rapidly increasing in popularity is using glass balustrades for your staircase or balcony. These modern fixtures not only look great, but are flexible enough to be used throughout the home or in the office, adding an element of elegance and style to the interior.

Glass balustrades are a type of fencing that uses sheets of toughened glass to provide a sturdy barrier. This is commonly used in staircases and balconies to create a more open feel and bring the rest of the interior to life. This is becoming an increasingly popular option for interior designers and architects who want to create the illusion of limitless space and maximise the amount of light in the room.

There are many fitting and framing options available, meaning that your glass balustrade can be used in any style of home to suit all tastes, from minimalist modern properties to more traditional vintage homes. Some of the options that are available include:

  • Bolted glass systems
  • Clamping systems
  • Aluminium frames
  • Frameless balustrades
  • Curved glass for spiral staircases
  • Resin set balustrades
  • Internal and external balconies

The wide range of options available makes it the ideal option for any home or office space. The low maintenance materials require only the occasional clean and they will not corrode, making them ideal option for an interior design to stand the test of time. Some wax polishes or protective coatings can help prevent fingerprints and general dirt from building up, which reduces how often they need to be cleaned. We can also use different types of decorative glass, such as sandblasted, tinted and coloured glass for even more versatility for your design. We can even use artwork or logos in the office to suit your company’s branding.

As well as being an attractive option for your room, glass balustrades are very safe to use. We stock a range of different types of thick safety glass, which are extremely difficult to break, and we will choose the most appropriate option for your project. Our in-house installation experts take safety very seriously and will only use the materials and fitting methods that they believe will give the most protection. This makes glass balustrades the ideal option for all environments, even those with large numbers of children.

For more information on the glass balustrades available, call Bebington Glazing now on 0151 645 3830 or fill in an enquiry form.



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