Keep your double glazing clean and sparkly this summer

June 1, 2014

Summer is here and the weather is improving, with glorious sunshine making the outdoors a pleasure to enjoy. What makes us sad is when we drive around and see when people have invested their time and money into improving their homes with double glazing, yet have dirty and obscured views that ruin the picturesque views outside. In the sunny weather, the dirt is often more visible and the view to the outside is dull and pale.

So how do you go about keeping your windows clear and stunning all through the summer? Make sure that not just the glass is clean and clear, but the frame is also in good condition.

One option is to hire a window cleaner. Whilst this option is easiest, nothing beats the satisfaction of getting the job done yourself.

For the exterior windows, don't waste your time and effort using bunches of old newspapers and elbow grease. This is a popular option, but not actually the best. Simply use a squirt of washing up liquid in water and wipe onto the window with a cloth. Then wipe clean with a cheap squeegee. This will leave results like a pro.

Windows are often only cleaned on the outside, but the interior windows can be neglected. Make sure that the windows are clean on the inside AND the outside to maximise their clarity. Use a slightly damp cloth to remove any lumps of dirt. Then use a reputable brand of window cleaner and wipe away with a dry cloth. Alternatively, kitchen towel is a good substitute, use one piece to wipe the cleaner and another to dry.

When cleaning the frame, just use soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth. Be careful not not use an abrasive cloth as it can leave scratches on the UPVC. More seriously, however, abrasive cloths can also move the the air-tight rubber seal and allow moisture in which can cause the double glazing unit to fail.

Misted windows

Dirt is not the only thing that can obscure your windows and leave them looking dull and tired. Failed double glazing units can result in misting, which is a result of condensation forming within the unit. This can only be fixed by a professional.

If your windows are misted, call Bebington Glazing for the best in glazing repair in Wirral.


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