Keep the Warmth in this Winter!

December 1, 2015

With temperatures starting to drop week on week many home owners are seeing a sharp increase in their energy bills, due to the increased use of heating systems. Research, by the Energy Saving Trust, shows that homeowners can save up to £160 by installing double glazed windows.

On average your home could lose 25% of its heat from windows and draughts.

Installing double glazed windows can help to insulate your home and tackle this problem. Double glazed windows massively increase the warmth retention of your home. The heat generated by your radiators or fireplaces will circulate your home for longer, meaning you can turn the heating down sooner & to a lower temperature.

Double glazed windows also act as a barrier to keep the chilly winter weather out of your home!

Extra tips for keeping warm this winter

  • Install thick, heavy curtains that are properly lined
  • Fit draught excluders to your letterbox
  • Ensure radiators aren’t blocked by furniture
  • Consider insulating the loft
  • Put down rugs or install carpets to stop cold air coming through the floor
  • Insulate hot water pipes

We install our double glazed windows across the Wirral, Liverpool, North West & North Wales. For the best double glazed windows the Wirral has to offer, please call us on 0151 645 3830 or fill out our enquiry form.



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