Tips for maintaining your double glazed windows

December 8, 2015

If you have installed double glazed windows it is sensible to carry out regular maintenance, to look after your investment and reduce the effects of the weather, pollution and general wear and tear.

Bebington Glazing has compiled some tips to help you maintain your double glazing.

1.    Keep your double glazed windows clean

To increase the life span of your double glazed windows it’s important that you clean them on a regular basis, inside and out! Warm water and some easy soap is an adequate way to keep them clean. You should never use washing-up liquid when cleaning your double glazing, as it can degrade the sealants. Also, don’t ever wash your double glazed windows using a jet washer. The water pressure can cause damage to the sealant making it less effective. Using abrasive materials is also a big no. This can cause damage to the window frames.

2.    Hinges

All moving parts, such as hinges and locks, need to be looked after to ensure they keep working correctly. Hinges should be lubricated annually using a product such as WD40. This will prevent rusting and a build up of dirt.

3.    Watch out for damp

Damp conditions can lead to mould growing on your double glazed windows sealant, therefore making it less effective.
You can keep the damp away from your double glazing by ensuing rooms are well ventilated, especially bathrooms and kitchens.

If you require repairs to your double glazed windows please call Bebington Glazing on 0151 645 3830 or fill out our enquiry form.


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