Double glazed windows and doors Wirral

December 11, 2015

If you are looking for high quality double glazed windows and doors on the Wirral then look no further. Our range of Windows and doors come in a wide variety of materials including UPVC, ALU clad and timber.

Timber is a traditional and popular material used for doors and windows. However, the timber requires regular maintenance to ensure the structure is not damaged by cold and wet weather conditions. If you like the appearance of timber but are put off by the maintenance then ALU clad windows and doors could be the solution. ALU clad can give your double glazed doors and windows the same look as timber but with none of the maintenance costs. ALU clad brings additional benefits such as offering increased home security and retaining heat more efficiently than standard doors and windows.

Benefits of UPVC over timber

Timber doors can be costly and time consuming to maintain. Over time the weather can cause damage to the wood and cause the door to warp. This can lead to the door not opening and closing correctly and heat being lost through any gaps that appear.
A UPVC double glazed door can retain their quality for a much longer period of time than timber. Therefore UPVC doors are more cost effective as there are no costly repair bills.

Energy saving windows and doors

Significant amounts of energy can be lost through windows and doors. Investing in double glazed windows and doors can help to lower your heating bills. Double glazed windows and doors are proven to stop the loss of heat from the home. Whilst lowering your energy bills you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint and helping the Wirral to become more ‘green’.

Home security

UPVC doors are a great deterrent to potential thieves as they have a reputation of being very difficult to break in to. Home security is obviously a high priority so peace of mind is guaranteed when choosing our high quality double glazed doors. It is not just the exterior that is more secure than conventional methods, the actual lock mechanism in the door is secure and difficult to remove or damage. Windows are also available with a similar lock mechanism which is a huge deterrent to any would be thieves.



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