Facts about double glazing

January 18, 2016

1. It is not as modern as you think

Contrary to popular belief, double glazing is not actually that modern. Double glazing is over 150 years old and was first patented in the United Sates in 1865.

2. It can make your home safer

Double glazing can act as an extra layer of security for your home. It is much more effective in stopping break-ins than single glazing, due to the extra panes of glass.

3. It can stop your furniture discolouring

Installing UV coated double glazing can stop the sun damaging furniture such as sofas, carpets, photographs and more. The UV coating acts as a layer of defence so you won’t have to worry about blocking out the sun!

4. It comes in different varieties of glass

Many people are unaware that there is a wide variety of different types of glass that have different levels of performance. These different types of glass can affect how well the double glazed windows insulate your property.

5. They need to be completely air tight

You can have the most expensive double glazing in the world, but if it contains any gaps it will not work correctly. The gaps will allow hot air to escape while also letting the cold air in. It is important you get your double glazing repaired as the gaps will affect the performance of the window.

6. They come in different types

Double glazing is available in numerous different styles and designs. These include sash windows, single-hung windows, bay and bow windows and double hung windows.

7. They have ratings

Double glazing has a rating system which signifies their energy efficiency. Like other appliances double glazing uses an alphabetical energy rating system, with A being the most efficient.

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