Why you should install a conservatory

January 19, 2016

They are affordable

Installing a conservatory is a relatively affordable and cost effective alternative to installing an extension. A conservatory is the perfect resolution to improving the look and size of your home, without leaving a massive dent in your bank balance.

It will increase the value of your home

Adding a conservatory to your home can increase its value, when it comes to selling. Most buyers would prefer the house to already have a conservatory, rather than having the hassle of installing their own.

Additional space

A conservatory can add much needed space to a family home and it can be the ideal space for entertaining guests. Alternatively, you could use a conservatory as a sitting room, dining room, office, sun room, play room or even a gym!

You don’t always need planning permission

Unlike extensions, not all conservatories need planning permission. This means you may be able to expand your home without the hassle of applying to the council. Before installing a conservatory you should seek advice from your local authority to ensure your planned conservatory meets their guidelines.

Enjoy your garden all year round

A conservatory can unite your home and garden, allowing you to enjoy your garden all year long. In the winter you will be able to look out onto the snow from the warmth of your conservatory and in the summer you will be able to watch the sun set whilst reading a book.

Contact Bebington Glazing

At Bebington Glazing we have a wide range of conservatories to meet the style of your home. All of our conservatories are bespoke and tailored to meet your requirements. We manufacturer and build our conservatories using only the finest materials and we meet all the highest security recommendations. 

If you are considering a conservatory installation then call us on 0151 645 3830 or alternatively fill out our enquiry form. We cover the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester and North Wales.



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