6 Signs it's Time For New Windows

August 8, 2017

Prevent Window Condensation

Like everything in this world, double glazed windows and doors will not last forever. Eventually, you will need to replace double glazed windows and doors to ensure your home is sufficiently protected from the elements. In this post, we discuss 6 signs that indicate your windows and doors are in need of replacing.

Generally speaking, glazed windows and doors will last for around 20 years. However, factors may increase or decrease this period of time. For instance, if you live on the East Coast of Britain, the elements your home is exposed to will generally decrease this period meaning you may need to replace windows and doors before they reach the grand age of 20 years of age.

This article is particularly useful for those of you who own windows and doors that are over 20 years. You may have that inkling that your windows and doors need replacing but you may have avoided investigating the matter, perhaps due to the cost of going ahead with replacements. This is false economy for reasons we outline below.

Below we list 6 signs that your double glazed windows and doors requirement replacing.

Sign #1: The window sash or frame is broken, warped or damaged

If the sash or frame is broken, warped or in some other way broken, you may consider simply repairing the affected area.  When you contact Bebington Glazing, we may arrange a site inspection and we will advise whether repairs are possible or not. Repairs are advisable when issues aren’t serious. Examples of problems that are easily repaired include the need to install new hardware or weather-stripping.

More complex problems such as a warping or broken sash/frame will probably call for a complete replacement rather than a repair. You will know when warping occurs because you will struggle to open and close your windows. If this is the case, it’s likely you should start to consider replacing those windows and doors that are affected.

Sign #2: The window isn’t fitted securely within the frame

One sure sign windows require replacement is when the window is not fitted securely within the frame or door. This is problematic because insecure windows mean heat is able to escape from your home into the world outside. This means expensive fuel is wasted. Outside draft will also travel inside your home. This will make your home cold and uncomfortable. This will force you to increase your gas and electricity usage in a vain attempt to keep your home warm.

Insecure windows also make your home vulnerable to burglary. Experienced burglars actively look out for signs of unsecured windows because they know this makes your home an easy target. If you want to keep burglars out of your home, ensure unsecured windows are replaced or repaired.

Sign #3: Condensation builds up between glass panes

Condensation will build up between glass panes when the frame or sash is damaged. This will mean your window’s performance is impaired. Why? Because double glazed windows trap a layer of gas (typically argon) between two window panes. The gas is denser than cold air, meaning cold air is prevented from entering your home.

Condensation builds up between double glazed panes when the seals have been damaged. This means the argon has escaped and cold air is now travelling into your home. This condensation is also unsightly and diminishes your home’s beauty.

Sign #4: The frame is beginning to rot

Frame rot is one sure sign your windows or doors require replacing. Frame rot cannot be repaired and your only option is thus to invest in its total replacement. Frame rot is aesthetically unpleasing and will usually mean your windows are failing to keep out cold air from entering your home. Frame rot is likewise a 'burglar magnet' because many burglars are aware that unsecured windows are an easy way into your home.

Sign #5: uPVC window or door frames are beginning to discolour, perish or peel

When your uPVC windows reach a certain age (typically 20 years+), the plastic will begin to discolour, peel and perish. This is due to the natural ageing process. These issues do not warrant repair. You will need to accept the fact that your windows and doors will require a complete replacement job.

When you purchase windows and doors, ensure you choose a supplier who offers a 20-year guarantee as standard. This will mean you will not need to pay for replacing windows or doors if they begin to peel, perish or discolour before they reach 20 years of age.

Sign #6: Your home is always cold

If your windows are over 20 years of age, you may notice your home is always cold despite having the central heating on all day. This is one sign that your windows and doors require replacement. Although your windows do not exhibit any obvious sign of excessive wear, the mere age of your windows may mean they are no longer performing as intended.

In this situation, it’s usually best to replace your windows for modern A rated double glazing. This alone will reduce your energy bills by as much as 25%.



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