How do I know if I need to replace my Double Glazing Windows?

November 17, 2018

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘do I need to replace my double glazing windows, or can they be fixed?’  The answer to which is often dependant on the condition of not just the double glazing unit but also the frames that hold the window in.
Replacing the windows on your house is a significant investment, to make sure you are making the right decision, we have created a list of the most common reasons we often advise our customers to get new windows installed.

1. Your double glazing windows have condensation and a build-up of moisture

Windows serve many purposes in our homes, the main of which is to let the free flow of light into our rooms and to allow us to see the outside.
One of the most common reasons our customers replace their windows is due to broken double glazing units which then cause condensation.  As with all things in life, windows have a limited lifespan and they do deal with a lot during the ever changing weather conditions.
Condensation can just be wiped away from your windows, but over a period of time this will just get worse and eventually you will not be able to see out of any of the window.  The windows begin to leak, and you will start to see mould and stain damage on the internal settings of your property.  uPVC Double Glazing Windows is often the type of replacement window choses, find out more about them now.

2. Wooden window frames are rotting away

Wooden windows can be a great aesthetic feature to your property and over the years have been very cost effective.  
Wooden windows, as with any other external wooden products you may own, take a lot of upkeep in order to keep them in pristine condition.  Due to the severe weather conditions they experience, it is advised that they are maintained at least once per year.  It is easy to forget about this or put it off due to the time it takes, once this happens and the weather penetrates the surface and starts to cause rot, this is when they start to diminish.
Once timber windows begin to rot, then it is possible to repair, but their initial astatically pleasing look fades away.  Often when we look at these jobs, the window rot is that severe that the glass can be easily removed from the window (which is a huge security risk) or there are pools of water gathering up inside the house due to easy channels for rain and condensation to travel through.
Quite often at this stage, we would recommend replacing your windows as this can be much more cost effective.

3. Your windows will not close or you have a draft

It is often just on the back of autumn and approaching winter, when you sit down to watch a movie or to have your evening meal and you feel that draft coming in through your windows.  Drafty windows is a really common issue and is one of the main reasons why home owners in the UK have higher energy bills – you can be paying up to 25% more to heat your home in some cases due to drafty windows.
The main cause of drafty windows is broken locking mechanisms, this is a huge security issue for your home too, if your windows do not close flush then they become an easier target for unwanted access.  
There are other common issues that cause drafts in your home, including mis-aligned sashes and weather damage to the caulking on your windows.
The promising thing with these problems is that we can often repair or replace just the mechanisms, meaning there is no need to splash out on new windows.

4. Your window no longer opens

If your window no longer opens, then this is an issue that you should address immediately, windows are the best form of escape route in an emergency.  
There are many reasons why windows may not open, it could be simply due to point 3 above and your mechanism is broken, or it could be due to more problematic reasons like they have been painted shut, they have become warped or even due to movement in your home’s foundations, they no longer suite the space they are sitting in correctly.
We will look at all these possibilities and advise on the best solution for your home.  Quite often in these latter situations, new window installations would address the problems.

5. Your windows are only single glazed

Many older properties we visit are fitted with single glazed windows, these windows can look just as good as double glazed units and let in just as much light, but they are much less efficient and let in the cold.
You can feel the lack of effects of single glazed windows both in summer and winter, in winter you will notice that your rooms are always cold and in the summer your rooms will be too hot.  Single glazed windows will also not be doing you any favours with your home heating bills.
Our advice for single glazed windows is to simply replace as the benefits are huge.

6. Noise Pollution

Modern day life has brought with it lots of noise, if when you are in your home you can hear lots of noise, whether from passing traffic or from people talking then this an indication that your windows are old.
Today’s windows are designed to reduce sound transfer, we also have multiple options available depending on the severity of the noise levels you are experiencing from double glazing, triple glazing and specialist internal glazing.
If you are looking for a quieter, more relaxed home then our noise reduction windows are what you need.

7. Looking to update your home

If you are upgrading your home, then replacing your windows can have the largest effect of everything you do.  We can change the colour of your windows, change size, add in new units etc. all of which can improve your living space and light intake.
You can see some of our latesr projects in our double glazing gallery.
If you are considering a project on your home, give us a call and we will gladly help you with ideas and designs.



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