Double Glazing Questions Answered

November 9, 2019

Installing double glazing can reduce energy bills and create a warmer home. This is why double glazing is the most popular window option in the UK - but if you are thinking about replacing your windows, it is important to make sure that it is the right choice for you.

Here is everything you need to know about double glazing.

What Is The Difference Between Double Glazing And Single Glazing?

Single glazing uses one pane of glass, while double glazing uses two panes of glass with a space between. The space between is filled with a gas called Argon, and this helps to insulate the home.

Is It Effective?

Yes, there are lots of benefits to installing double glazing. One of the main benefits is that it will help to keep heat in the home, so you won’t lose warmth through the windows. Over time this can significantly reduce the cost of heating bills, and it also means that you home will always be nice and cosy.

Double glazing will also heighten security. This is because it is much harder to damage or destroy double glazing (and most double glazed windows come with a handle lock for extra security).

Can Double Glazing Help To Reduce Noise Pollution?

Yes, double glazing can help to reduce outside noise (such as a busy road or neighbours talking). This is because the two layers of glass will help to muffle outside sound, making your home a more peaceful and relaxing place. This is perfect for lots of people; a recent study found that over 80% of Brits live in urban areas with some level of noise pollution.

Can Double Glazing Cause Condensation?

If you see condensation on double glazed windows it could mean that they need replacing. Most people find that they don’t experience any condensation with double glazing, but this isn’t always the case. Older homes can be damper than new homes, and this can occasionally cause condensation to appear on the windows (even if they are double glazed). You can reduce this problem by using a humidifier to dry out the room. Good ventilation will also help to deal with any damp in the air.

So condensation can mean your windows need replacing, but this isn’t always the case. If you see condensation on your windows we recommend talking to an installation expert to find out if they need replacing or not.

Can Double Glazing Reduce Heating Bills?

Yes, one of the main benefits of double glazing is that it can reduce the cost of energy bills. Over 60% of homeowners say that double glazing make their home warmer, and over 30% said that they now spend less on energy bills. So if you want to make your home warmer double glazing could be the solution.

What Are The Energy Ratings For Double Glazing?

Double glazing is rated using a system that ranges from A++ to E. A++ is the best, and E is the worst – in fact, building regulations require any new windows to have a rating of at least C, so it isn’t possible to install E rated windows any more. They do still exist in some homes and buildings, but it is likely that they will be replaced with more efficient windows in the future.

The more efficient the window is, the higher it is rated. So A++ windows are the most energy efficient and eco-friendly – but it is worth noting that they tend to be more expensive than less efficient windows.

How Do I Know When To Replace Double Glazing?

Many people who buy double glazing are replacing existing double glazing. This is because double glazing can encounter problems after a few decades; you may find that condensation is building up in the inside of your home, or you may notice that the frame is loose and letting a draft or water inside the house.

If this happens it is possible that your double glazing needs replacing or repairing. We offer both replacements and repairs, as we understand that a full replacement isn’t always necessary. For instance, if there is only a small draft it may be possible to seal up the gap. So if you are having problems with your windows, get in touch and we will see what we can do to help.

Can I Install Double Glazing Myself?

If you are thinking about replacing your windows you may be wondering if you can do the installation yourself. However this isn’t a great idea, as all new double glazing has to meet British building standards. So any new installations need to be approved by the local building control or an installer, which will be difficult if you are not a professional installer.

It is also worth noting that a professional installer will have lots of experience installing double glazing, so they will install the windows properly. This means that there are less likely to be problems (such as a draft, or a wonky frame). So we definitely recommend hiring a professional for the job!

What Is Triple Glazing?

It is also possible to install triple glazing in your home. Triple glazed windows have a third pane of glass to make your home even warmer and safer. Some kinds of triple glazing even have low-e glass to help reflect sunlight inside of the home, so this is a great way to make sure that you have a lovely warm home. However it is important to be aware that triple glazing is more expensive than double glazing, so it isn’t ideal for someone who has a tight budget.

If you want to get triple glazing but you don’t think you can afford to do the full house, consider just installing triple glazing in the coldest rooms in the house.


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