Wirrals First Choice for Commercial Glazing

March 10, 2014
As a modern business or organisation, you need to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the competition. In tough economic conditions, a fine image and positive first impression can mean the difference between a prosperous turnover and a failing business.

Preserve the stained glass in your home

March 10, 2014
Stained glass windows in your home can make your property look beautiful, especially on a sunny day. They preserve the original detail of Victorian homes in all their glory. However, they can also bring with them a range of issues. Many stained glass windows are over 100 years old and the condition may have deteriorated over time, due to the wind and the rain. As well as the windows bowing, the condition of the lead can suffer. More worryingly, stained glass windows are often a weak point of entry into the property and are a potential security risk. If the windows do get broken then they can be very difficult to repair or replace.

Benefits of UPVC Sash Windows

March 3, 2014
Traditional sash windows are a common sight in period buildings and were very fashionable in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times. Not only are they an attractive feature in older properties, but they are a distinctive feature of traditional British architecture.