Keep heat out this summer

May 22, 2014
Summer is approaching and we are already seeing some of the benefits of hot weather coming our way. However, for many people the novelty of a hot summer can wear off pretty quickly when their home becomes unbearably warm and uncomfortable. This is not just a matter of comfort, but it can also have serious health implications, particularly with children and the elderly. The home should be a place to escape excess heat. Whether it is warm or cold outside, the interior temperature should remain mild and pleasant. Here are some tips to achieve this.

Finding a reliable builder or window fitter

May 12, 2014
Everybody wants their home to look beautiful and be up to date. Recent advances in double glazing have made UPVC windows better than ever, but other options just as aluminium or wooden frames and double glazed sash windows are becoming increasingly popular as their appearance can be tailored to the property. However, when getting new windows installed, you need to be comfortable that the job will