Which Direction should your Conservatory Face?

October 21, 2013
Well now summer is officially over. It may not seem obvious right now, but now is the perfect time to start planning for next summer to get maximum enjoyment from it. One thing that you can do for next summer is to consider getting a conservatory installed at your home. When you decide to buy a conservatory, it is important that you position it in the correct place to maximise its full potential.

The difference between good and poor quality double glazing

October 11, 2013
When choosing your double glazing, it can be tempting to base your decision purely on price. However, there are plenty of other factors that you need to consider for your windows and choosing a lower quality product can have serious long term consequences. At Bebington Glazing, not only do we provide fantastic value for money, but we use only top quality glass for your double glazing. This means that the life-span of your glass will be much longer and that the short term benefits are much greater.

Keep your flat roof leakage free

October 9, 2013
A flat roof may be the ideal option for sections of your home, especially for extensions. However, one of the inherent problems of flat roofs is that they are at higher risk of leaking. This is due to pools of standing water when the roof is not completely flat. When a roof is sloped, the water runs off so this is not a pr