Commercial Glass Balustrades in Wirral

Our glass balustrades are available for commercial properties.  The manufacturing process ensures all our glass and balustrade fittings meet health and safety regulations.  They are a welcome addition to the interior or exterior of buildings and can be customised to ensure you are show casing the style and look you want. Whether a hotel, apartment, restaurant or home our glass balustrades are available to adorn a range of areas for your property.  From a glass balcony to or a terrace system for a swimming pool; our range of balustrades will leave you spoilt for choice.

Glass Balustrades for Hotels

The exclusivity and modern feel of hotels can be enhanced by fitting our balustrades.  Glass balustrade staircases are awe inspiring adding glamour to the interior of a property.  With a range of styles and finishes to select from, we offer the best quality balustrades to suit a variety of styles that will help you showcase your property to clients in the best way possible.  Giving off light they are a great way to introduce the reception of your hotel and give a first impression people will find hard to forget.

Glass Balustrades for Restaurants

Balustrades can be added to the interior and exterior of restaurants to give your clients the sense of comfort and style you are aiming for.  They are especially useful for giving diners the feel of being enclosed and separate from other diners whilst also allowing your staff to easily observe who needs serving and help.

Glass Balustrades for Schools

High quality balustrades are available to adorn any staircase or balcony which makes them particularly useful in schools.  They let in light whilst still enclosing spaces which can give schools the feeling of openness whilst also ensuring the highest possible health and safety of the pupils and staff.  Our glass is toughened which means although it is still breakable, it is four to five times stronger than regular glass.

Based in Wirral, we offer our commercial glass balustrade services across the North West.  If you require glass balustrades for your restaurant, hotel, school, business or commercial building call us at Bebington Glazing on 0151 645 3830.

Bebington Glazing is also supplies glass balustrades in Manchester.