Residential Glass Balustrades in Wirral

Balustrades are a fantastic addition to any home and can be installed in practically any area.  Balustrades are a welcome addition to the interior or exterior of a property and are available with or without glass.

Stair Balustrades 

The most popular form of balustrade is the glass balustrade staircase.  A striking addition to any home, stairs can be designed to your specifications and balustrades can be adapted to complement any style or shape of staircase.  Why not complement your existing staircase and have a glass balustrade fitted alongside an upstairs landing?  They are fantastic at giving a feel of light and airiness to any home.

Balconies and Juliettes

Balconies can be given the extra feeling of security with our balustrades as they all meet health and safety specifications.  Whether a traditional balcony or a more contemporary Juliette balcony, we can guarantee our glass meets the health and safety specifications required to ensure your peace of mind.  Juliette balconies in particular are available as a way of letting light and air into your property without the added costs and labour of having an outside balcony fitted.

Balustrades for your Swimming Pool

The versatility of balustrades is never more obvious than when they are fitted to an outside area.  The feeling of space is enhanced when outside because they can be adapted to suit the style of the exterior of your property.  Swimming pools look fantastic when surrounded by glass balustrades as they give you the opportunity to keep an eye on children in the pool, ensuring they are safe, whilst maintaining the feeling of space.

Terrace and Garden Balustrades

Decking and terraces have the opportunity to have unspoilt views whilst still being enclosed in balustrades with or without frames depending on your style.  The feeling of space and openness give an exterior of a property a great boost and allow you to sit in comfort outside your home. 

At Bebington Glazing we are based in Wirral, we offer our residential glass balustrade services across the North West.  If you require a glass balustrade system for your home, contact us for more information on 0151 645 3830.