Double Glazing for Listed Buildings

In Merseyside alone, there are over 2000 buildings that fall under “listed buildings”. These are historic buildings that you need to preserve as they have specific historical connotations. In some cases, a listed building can be a symbol for a specific nation, or in some cases of international importance. There are different gradings depending on where you are in the UK. In England, a Grade 1 building is one of extraordinary interest, while a Grade 2 listed building is “only” of specific interest and is therefore not as hard to get permission to make adjustments.

For all the history in these buildings, there can also be problems. Many people live in listed buildings, and they tend to need modernisation in some aspects, such as the general lack of secondary glazing or the need for Double Glazing for listed buildings.  

Many listed buildings have been listed because the character and back-story of the building can have a lot of national and local history to them. The architecture of these buildings are often beautiful and interesting. Yet, there are disadvantages to living in a listed building. For instance, the glazing can be an issue in these old homes. Often the windows cannot be replaced due to the originality of them which is understandable. However, this makes a home much less energy efficient. Many of these listed buildings only have single glazed windows, which makes it much more expensive to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

How to request permission to make changes

If you are one of many occupiers of a listed building, chances are you are one of the people who has an energy bill that rises disproportionally every winter, and you do not know how to get permission to replace your windows. Luckily, there are ways to request permission from the local planning authority. If you can show them that you have issues with energy efficacy and noise pollution due a lack of secondary glazing, you have the right to make changes.

To make it even easier for you, at Bebington Glazing we can help you get double glazing for listed buildings, by offering wooden Double Glazing or secondary glazing. Designed to fit the appearance of traditional buildings, you can make a case that the design and architecture of your listed property will not change by getting new windows, according to Historic England, the governmental body regulating historical buildings in England. Secondary glazing is also an option as the original windows are not touched, the secondary glazing attaches behind the window leaving the current window as it is.

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