UPVC Windows Wirral

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride or as it is more commonly known UPVC can also be referred to as 'rigid' PVC because it is a hard form of plastic rather than flexible. UPVC is the material of choice for many Wirral, Liverpool, Chester & UK homeowners when purchasing window frames. It continues to be the most commonly recommended material  by double glazing firms for replacement windows.  The style and quality of your windows speaks volumes about your home. By replacing your existing windows with UPVC ones can give your home an improved fresh look whilst dramatically improving energy efficiency and security.

What are the benefits of UPVC Windows?

There are many benefits to choosing UPVC for your windows and you can be sure to find a suitable product whatever the style of your home. UPVC is durable and long lasting whilst aluminium windows can rust and wood windows needs specialised maintainance and can rot and warp:

  • Affordable: a more cost effective choice than wood or aluminium. So if you are looking for replacement windows on a budget, UPVC are the ideal choice.
  • Low maintenance: UPVC requires minimal maintenance with maximum durability. Other than a simple wipe around the frames with a cloth several times a year you can leave UPVC to take care of itself.
  • Energy efficient: UPVC has high insulation properties i.e. are thermal efficient because it doesn't transfer cold or heat. UPVC windows can help reduce energy costs by up to 20% keeping your property warm on a lower budget.
  • Secure: Due to multi-locking systems alongside the strength, robustness and resilience of UPVC windows means safer and more secure homes. A multi-point locking system is a combination of parts which are made so that the opening window is secured to the frame thus making your home as safe as possible.
  • Recyclable: UPVC is completely recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. This decreases the environmental impact on the planet, complying with current recycling guidelines.
  • Soundproofing: UPVC windows can reduce the effects of noise by up to 70%

What are the most common types of UPVC Window styles?

All UPVC Window styles benefit from the general advantages that can be found with all our UPVC windows such as energy efficiency, secure and providing noise reduction.  Read more below about the most common UPVC window styles below.

  • Casement windows remain the most popular of all UPVC windows:
    1. Attractive to look at and have an aesthetically pleasing appearance
    2. Neat and clean lines
    3. Allow more light to enter the home
    4. Choice of side and top  hinges and a variety of different glazing enables a personalised approach
  • Bay window - beautiful and unique design and style to enhance the look of any homes and offering a strong style statement:
    1. Add extra space because extend outwards from house
    2. Choice of shape and configuration including circular and square
    3. Good source of light
    4. Space for plants or a window seat
    5. Internal beading ensures greater security
    6. One of the most energy efficient and secure windows
    7. Panoramic view of garden and street
    8. Elegant variation on casement style UPVC windows
  • Cottage windows replicate traditional wooden cottage windows:
    1. Stylish  and preserves the features of older houses
    2. Can give an authentic feel to new homes
    3. The appearance of separate panes of glass is achieved by glazing bars
    4. A traditional design but with  modern performance
  • Sash windows - traditionally only available in wood but now in UPVC. Add elegance and grandeur to your home:
    1. Traditional style with the benefit of modern fittings
    2. Good ventilation
    3. Draught free
    4. Can customise how you want the appearance to be
    5. Easy to clean
  • Tilt and turn windows - a crisp and modern style that suits any home
    1. Can open and turn in a variety of ways
    2. Easy to clean - outside glass can easily be cleaned from inside your home
    3. As windows can be fully opened in turn position provide an excellent means of fire escape
    4. Safety features ensure children cannot accidentally fall out of the window
    5. Keeps the winter out but lets the summer in
    6. Customisable
  • French windows  - are a popular choice because of their visual appearance
    1. Many different classy and stylish designs
    2. Good source of light and the illusion of space by offering a view of your outside space
    3. Have thermal and weather resistant properties but can open on hot days to let air in
    4. Strong - will not easily break or crack
    5. Versatile - a great solution for external areas

Historically the greatest shortcoming of UPVC was its lack of aesthetic appeal. However, today UPVC windows can transform the look of your home. Modern UPVC windows are supplied in a wide range of colours and wood effect finishes - all the look of traditional painted wooden windows with the advantages of modern UPVC windows. You can even have different finishes on each side of the window.


What colours do UPVC Windows come in?

UPVC Windows come in lots of different colours, teh most common ones we deal with are as below.

  • Classic White
  • Rosewood
  • Light grey
  • Dark grey
  • Oak

Handles and Accessories for UPVC Windows

We have a large range of window handles and colours on offer that are corrosion resistant to the changing British weather conditions.

Our UPVC Windows are available across the North West, including Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire. Call Bebington Glazing now on 0151 645 3830 for more information.