u.P.V.C. Doors in Wirral

Our u.P.V.C. doors are available in numerous styles and colours and have a number of high-performance security features that will make your home safe and secure. The doors have a multi-point system of locks, combining seven hooks and rollers and the lock is an anti-bump type. Many locks fitted in cheaper, inferior doors may be susceptible to lock bumping. This means that they can be broken into through the lock using a bump key. This can be done simply and easily by criminals. ALL of our doors are fitted with anti-bump locks. The doors are available in 7 standard colour combinations – white, rosewood, rosewood/white, oak, oak/white, mahogany and mahogany/white.

We offer a wide variety of different panels which stretch the boundaries of glass design. All doors can be complemented with a range of hardware, including letterboxes, handles, knockers and numbers in a choice of colours.

When you are considering purchasing a door for your home, please remember that not all doors are the same. The door panel may look like a similar panel from another company, but it’s the security on the door that’s important – all doors are not the same!

Our u.P.V.C. doors have the following benefits:-

-  They are built to last. All u.P.V.C. doors carry a 10 year insurance backed guarantee against material and workmanship.
-  They are virtually maintenance free. They will not rot or fade and only need wiping over with a damp cloth to keep them looking like new.
-  They are extremely warm and secure which will add to the comfort of your home – our doors have 7 point systems and anti-bump locks for maximum security.
-  They are available in a large variety of colours and styles.

Our UPVC doors are available across the North West, including Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire. Call Bebington Glazing now on 0151 645 3830 for more information.