Lead Lights

At Bebington Glazing, we provide a lead light and stained glass repair service. We can restore your original lead lights using traditional techniques that can match your existing windows.
We understand the importance of maintaining a traditional look to your home and keeping any traditional features in place, and upgrading to double glazing may not always be a popular option. Therefore, we can have your lead lights carefully removed and placed inside a double glazing unit, which maintains the traditional look of the home, whilst having all the advantages that modern frames provide. These windows can enhance the appearance of your traditional property, whilst keeping all the benefits of keeping in heat and keeping noise out, plus security benefits.

Alternatively, we can produce authentic looking lead lights using modern films which are attached to the glass.

We provide lead light installation and repairs in Wirral, and across the North West and North Wales. If you need our services, call us on 0151 645 3830.