Sculptured Windows

When it comes to insulation, there's no better solution for draughts than double glazed sculptured windows and at Bebington Glazing, we banish draughts all over Liverpool, Cheshire and the Wirral! Not only that, but our double-glazed sculptured windows reduce noise by up to 80%, cutting traffic and building noise to give you a quiet environment in which to relax. 

Let us guide you through the types available and their individual benefits, you won't believe how you ever lived without them!

Why sculptured windows are ideal for your home

What are you looking to improve in your home by installing double glazed sculptured windows? Is it insulation, noise reduction or do you simply want to save money? Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place with Bebington Glazing. We cover all of Liverpool, Cheshire and the Wirral, and can quote you a competitive price while guaranteeing you a trouble-free installation.

What benefits can you look forward to with sculptured windows ?

  1. Your property looks better
    Modern sculptured window frames add style and instant appeal to your home. Whether it’s new sparkling UPVC windows or stylish wooden framed ones, the kerb appeal of the property is greatly improved with sculpted windows. You'll have no more flaking paintwork, rattling windows or internal condensation. All of this will be replaced by gleaming and sturdy insulated windows!
  2. It feels warmer
    Double glazing is generally 16% more efficient than standard window frames. Whether they’re double or triple glazed, our modern sculptured windows consist of sealed units filled with Argon gas, which retain heat, helping you stay warm. As they eliminate condensation, there will be no chance of mould particles, making the air you breathe healthier. 
  3. Improved security

    Double glazed sculptured windows are installed with high security locks, helping to improve your home’s security. Your property is instantly protected as these keys are also an effective visual deterrent for criminals, giving you peace of mind.
  4. You’ll improve your property’s value and selling power

    ?One of the first features buyers notice when you come to view a house is the windows. Sculptured windows in double or triple glazing are hugely appealing, and save buyers money when purchasing a house, which means your house will sell quicker. First impressions are everything when selling a home: you can trust Bebington to provide you with the perfect choice of windows to help yours be a success on the market.

What you need to know when choosing your sculptured windows

Buying new windows for your home isn’t cheap, so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. However, it is most definitely an investment. If you’re thinking of having new sculpted windows fitted, get in touch with us at Bebington Glazing and we can advise you on the perfect combination of modern design and durable glass.

We’ll help you choose the type of frame, the glass and the design with expert advice.

The frame

We can provide you with a wide variety of high energy rated and long-lasting frames, from UPVC, a bestselling choice which provides excellent insulation and is easy to maintain, to aluminium and beautiful timber-like frames, which are ideal for period properties or listed homes in conservation areas. You will be spoiled for choice!

The glass

Recent advancements in glass technology have provided homeowners with a greater choice in the glass they have in their home. Whether it's single, double or triple glazing, the glass you choose will improve your home’s energy efficiency and save you money. Let us show you the huge range of beautiful glass to complement your choice of frame.

The design

There are a number of aesthetically pleasing and functional sculpted window designs available, including:

Sash windows - These windows are both beautiful and functional and can be the ideal choice for period homes, especially if they have timber effects.

Tilt and turn - These are a variation on sash windows and are really easy to operate and care for. They tilt to allow a good flow of air into the room for proper ventilation. You will love our designs!

Bevel design - For porches and feature windows, a bevel design window is both decorative and practical and can really be a stylish statement for your home.

Bay windows - A bay window can help to make a room look and feel bigger by bringing in extra light and adding to the usable space of the room. Because these windows are totally insulated, you can install a window seat with confidence, knowing you will be toasty and warm.

Casement windows - A casement window opens and closes like double doors. Some casement windows are opened using a hand-cranking mechanism. Though they are stunning windows, the cranking mechanism can sometimes break which means sculpted windows can be a better option for the long term. 

Double glazing is one of the key home improvements you can make, so why not read some of our testimonials on our excellent standards of work and customer service? All of our work is carried out by our specialist staff - we don't use contractors.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail of our sculpted windows installations, and speedy service. Every job we complete is of outstanding quality, the like of which you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you're looking for new sculptured windows or to repair your existing ones, we'll help you find the right solution for you. Unlike many other double-glazing companies, at Bebington Glazing, we always give honest and helpful advice because we are passionate about delivering quality to meet our customers’ exact requirements.

If you are in Liverpool, Cheshire or the Wirral, contact us here at Bebington Glazing for a free quote with no obligation or request our comprehensive free brochure.