Window Films in Wirral

At Bebington Glazing we stock and fit a range of transparent or coloured window films which can tackle a wide variety of glass related issues. 

UV Protection Window Film
This is predominantly used on shop windows as it reduces fading and protects displays. This film also reduces the need for blinds as it reduces heat and glare, perfect for use in a conservatory. 

Privacy Window Films / Frosted Window Films
This film can be fitted to existing glazing or double glazing units to increase privacy but still retains the benefits of natural light. Mirror films can also be fitted which are commonly used on office glazing, this film allows you to see out but protects against the unwanted intrusion of individuals peering in. 

Safety / Security Window Films
Security films can be added to your existing  glazing or double glazing units and will act as a tape holding the glass together if broken or smashed. We understand that your windows are the most vulnerable part of your property; safety film will make it much more difficult for an intruder to gain access to your building via your windows.