Encapsulated Stained Glass Windows in Wirral

Do you need to update your windows, but are worried about losing the existing stained glass windows? Getting modern UPVC windows does not mean having to lose the character of your property. With encapsulated glass, you can keep your beautiful stained glass windows and enjoy the benefits of modern glazing. Available in Wirral, Liverpool and across the North West, Bebington Glazing can preserve the traditional look of your windows.

How does it work?

We carefully remove the stained glass from the original frame and then give it a thorough clean and a polish. Once the stained glass is restored to pristine condition, we encapsulated it within a double or triple glazed unit and then fit it back into the existing window panel. This will create all the benefits of modern double glazing and more! Some of the benefits include:


  • Preserves and Protects – The encapsulated stained glass is maintained in a clean and protected environment. This makes it extremely easy to maintain.
  • Better insulation – Encapsulated windows are generally thicker than regular double or triple glazing, meaning that they can keep your home warm and reduce bills. Loud noises from the outside are also kept to a minimum
  • Increased Security – The stained glass adds an extra barrier, which makes it extremely difficult to penetrate.
  • Increases home value – Houses with modern upvc glazing always sell easier. Adding the character of encapsulated stained glass will make your home very desirable.
  • Replaceable – At Bebington Glazing, we can make new stained glass patterns to your specifications. If you suffer from any breakages, we can repair or replace it.

If you are interested in encapsulated stained glass windows for your home, call Bebington Glazing on 0151 645 3830.