Glass Products

You may think that glass can only be used in windows – something to keep the cold, wet weather out whilst letting light in, but glass can be used in so many other ways.

Glass Splashbacks and Worktops

As an alternative to the more widely available splashbacks and worktops such as stainless steel, tiles or granite, our beautiful coloured glass splashbacks and worktops are the perfect way to create a stunning focal point in your kitchen or bathroom. They will give your home a truly special and individual look.

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, we can make you a splashback or worktop to suit, which will not only be perfectly functional but will be a striking piece of art work too.

There are a myriad of colours available and even colours with special effect finishes, including a quartz effect which give a granite effect and is fantastic for worktops and a flash effect which gives a shimmer to the surface which is similar to a pearlescent finish.

Using the colour system, it is even possible to create striking designs in the glass. You can choose from a range of standard designs or an individual design can be created to match your existing wallpaper, tiling or curtains.


Balustrades can complement any property from a flat in a city or an older house in the countryside and allow clients to remove the visually boundaries between inside and outside. We design, supply and install glass balustrades for private and commercial clients and will assist you in finding the right solution for your installation. Our glass balustrades can be frameless or glazed into a stainless steel balustrade system. They give an elegant finish and allow uninterrupted views whilst defining spaces.

The glass rails are available in white, silver or bronze and they can also be manufactured in standard RAL colours but this is dependent on quantity. The glass balustrades are supplied with 10mm clear toughened glass as standard although it is also available in tinted or opaque glass.

Glass Juliet Balconies

Juliet or Juliette Balconies are basically a guard rail or balustrade that protects a door or window where protection from a fall is required – ideal for first floor rooms or for use in flats and apartments. It is not a balcony as such, as you cannot step out onto it but you can stand in the opening and lean on it. It is often called a French balcony or false balcony. The modern Juliet balconies use clear glass and allow uninterrupted views from inside, whilst having a strong and sturdy handrail that makes it feel sound and secure.

We supply a large range of glass fronted Juliet balconies that fix onto the walls, past the reveals and with a bottom rail under the cill, which allows a clean, clear glass opening with a protective handrail. The glass rails are available in white, silver or bronze and are supplied with 10mm clear toughened glass as standard.

Glass Partitioning

We offer a wide variety of screens and glass partitioning, sliding and frameless doors and glass walls. We can offer single or double glazed modules, curved and faceted screens to meet your requirements, with the track available in a wide variety of colours and the glass available in a range of glass including clear, acid-etched, tinted and sandblasted to coordinate with your existing colour scheme.