Save on Your Energy Bills with Double Glazing

August 5, 2012

Double glazing has been around for many years now, but not every property has made the conversion. However, with energy bills set to rise yet again, and the country still suffering the effects of the recession on their pay packets, you should definitely consider having double glazing installed if you haven't already. Why Double Glazing? Depending on the size and style of your home, you could be wasting as much as 20% of your heating energy by maintaining your single-glazed windows. If we applied the same energy efficiency classifications to windows as we did to boilers and other appliances, then windows rated as B could save around £165 year on energy bills. We have been installing windows, roofing, double glazing and conservatories on the Wirral for nearly 35 years and our own u.P.V.C. windows are rated as A on the energy efficiency scale. If saving hundreds on your energy bills wasn't enough, you could also end up saving money on house maintenance too. Double glazing reduces condensation and damp in your property, leaving fewer draughts and cold spots. This can save you money on decorating, repairs and refurbishments, as well as making your home warmer and more comfortable. Double glazing lasts around 20 years or more, so you won’t have to fork out for replacement windows anytime soon either, nor will you have to carry out lots of maintenance, but just enjoy the financial benefits for years to come. Unlike wooden window frames, u.P.V.C. window frames won’t rot or need repainting – all you’ll have to do is wipe over them with a damp cloth to keep them clean and maintained. As well as thermal insulation, you’ll also benefit from sound insulation. Our double glazing customers around the Wirral have noticed significant reductions on external noise, which makes it the perfect choice for bedrooms, especially those facing onto busy streets. Why Bebington Glass? We provide double glazing to Chester, Wirral and north Wales homes and have a happy and contented customer base. We don’t use annoying door-to-door salesmen who work on commission, but instead rely on our knowledgeable and experienced team to give you the advice you need when you need it. Should you decide to go ahead with your double glazing installation, you won’t be disappointed with our tradesmen either. We pride ourselves on arriving on time and maintaining your home to the standard you’re used to. This means putting down sufficient dust sheets and coverings to protect your carpets and furniture, and even wearing boot covers to protect your flooring. When Should I Change? You can make the change whenever you want, but most people often find they start considering double glazing in the winter months because they can feel the cold draughts coming through their current windows. However, do bear in mind that changing to double glazing requires your existing windows to be removed completely for short periods of the day, which will also allow cold air to enter your home – and any heated air to escape. Consequently, it is wise to plan ahead and consider double glazing in the summer or autumn months then you'll be all set for winter.  


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