Keeping your Conservatory Warm this Winter

September 30, 2013

So Autumn has officially arrived. Summer is over and over the coming months the temperature is going to get colder and colder. Evenings relaxing in your garden are a thing on the past and you will probably find yourself indoors for the vast majority of the time that you are at home. This leaves many with a sense of dread, having paid out for a lovely conservatory at the back of their house. We believe that conservatories are a luxury that should be able to be enjoyed throughout the year. However, they are made of glass, which will lose heat as the temperature outside gets lower and lower. However, there are a few ways to keep your conservatory feeling warm this winter so that you can use it all year round. Use a Reputable Conservatory Specialist Conservatories are not regulated in the same way as a full extension would be. This makes them a greater target for cowboy builders. Keeping your conservatory warm during the winter is not high in their list of priorities, they just want your money. At Bebington Glass, we are experts in conservatory installation across Wirral and take all factors into account, including winter temperatures. Factors include insulation methods, which type of glass is used and how the floor is constructed. Our design team will talk you through the process and answer any concerns you may have. Incorporate Central Heating Depending on the layout of your central heating, it may be simple to put a radiator in your conservatory. Before continuing, it may be a good idea to consult a plumber and get an idea of costs involved. Be careful though, it may be illegal to install a radiator if your conservatory does not meet certain building regulations. If you do get a radiator installed, be careful to use the correct settings so your heating bills do not rocket. A convector heater may also do the job, but they are more expensive to run. If your budget will allow it, it may be wise to consider under floor heating. Good Quality Carpet A lot of heat will be lost through the floor. Using a good quality carpet and thick underlay will help prevent the amount of heat is lost this way. Install Curtains As most of the heat will be lost through the windows, any form of barrier will be beneficial. Installing thick, insulating curtains will certainly help keep a lot of the heat inside your conservatory. It is also a popular idea to install venetian blinds on the ceiling windows. Not only will this provide some insulation, but it will help provide shade in the summer.  


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