Should you repair or replace your double glazing?

November 18, 2014
There are several reasons why your double glazing can go wrong. These can include:
  • Broken units
  • Misted glass
  • Non-working locks or handles
  • Leaking
  • Loose seals
If you develop problems with your windows, many double glazing salesmen will try and convince you that you need the whole unit replacing. Double glazing is advancing all the time and there are distinct advantages is getting new units. However, this is very costly and may not always be the correct option for your windows. Sometimes the glass panes can be replaced whilst reusing the existing unit, sometimes the repair is relatively minor.


Misting is caused by condensation gathering between the window panes. This is a sign that the window unit has failed. Not only will the condition of your windows degrade, but there is a risk that your windows will no longer be an adequate barrier to the outside elements and weather. Therefore, this problem needs to be sorted quickly.

However, this issue can be repaired. A qualified glazier can to remove the panes of glass from the unit. Sometimes, the glass can be cleaned to remove the misting, but replacing the glass is still cheaper than replacing the whole glazing unit. Glaziers can also find the cause of the misting and make sure that it does not return.


There can be a number of reasons why your window might leak, whether it is the sealing or something more serious. Fixing the cause of the problem will stop you requiring a new double glazing unit and save a lot of money.

Locks and Handles

Over time, the locks and handles on your double glazing unit may become stiff or may stop working altogether. Whilst it may seem like a symptom of an old window that may need replacing, it is an easy job to fix. A qualified glazier can fix or replace the handle or lock without damaging the rest of the unit.

Are you unsure if you double glazing repairs or replacements, call the experts at Bebington Glazing. We do not employ staff who are motivated by commission and will give an honest assessment to give you the best value option available.


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