Preserve the stained glass in your home

March 10, 2014
Stained glass windows in your home can make your property look beautiful, especially on a sunny day. They preserve the original detail of Victorian homes in all their glory. However, they can also bring with them a range of issues. Many stained glass windows are over 100 years old and the condition may have deteriorated over time, due to the wind and the rain. As well as the windows bowing, the condition of the lead can suffer. More worryingly, stained glass windows are often a weak point of entry into the property and are a potential security risk. If the windows do get broken then they can be very difficult to repair or replace.

Double and triple glazing is usually the best option in any home and offers a range of fantastic benefits, such as superior heat insulation, noise reduction and security. However, standard double glazing units do not have the same visual appeal of traditional stained glass. The solution is simple; have encapsulated stained glass windows installed.

How does it work?

The existing stained glass is carefully removed from the frame. At this point, the glass and lead will be old and worn and not in a good enough condition to be placed back into the window unit. Therefore, it is then cleaned, polished and restored to an excellent condition, with a new lead border. Once the stained glass is pristine, it is placed within a double or triple glazed unit and fitted back into the window panel.

There are many advantages of having encapsulated windows in your home, some of them include:


Over the years, traditional stained glass windows will have degraded and their condition will not be as new. One of the main reasons for this is the exposure to the weather elements, such as wind and rain. Encapsulated stained glass windows are protected within the double glazing unit and require very little maintenance.


As with all double or triple glazed units, the insulation provided is far greater than that of single glazed stained glass. This results in reduced heating bills, no draughts and a warmer, more comfortable home.


As mentioned earlier, traditional stained glass windows can be a weak point in the home and can provide easier access for potential burglars. Encapsulated stained glass keeps the visual appeal of the original glass, but with the added benefit that the windows are now more secure and protect your home.

Increased home value

When you come to sell your home, having a house that stands out from the competition will help to speed up finding a buyer. Potential buyers will often want a house that has all the benefits of a modern home, but with traditional features that give the property character. Encapsulated stained glass is an excellent way of achieving this.


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