Energy Efficient Windows Infographic

December 5, 2016

In this engaging infographic, we explain the current British 'energy crisis' that's largely hidden away, and seldom covered in popular newspapers. Around 6.25 million homes are thought to struggle with the cost of energy, and we believe this is enough to call the situation a 'crisis'. This is particularly apt to call the situation a 'crisis', given the majority of people affected by high energy costs are elderly or disabled.

We also outline ways UK homes may become more energy efficient. 

We tell you how much money you can expect to save by investing in double glazing. We also outline other ways you may make you home more energy efficient. 

Whilst the information contained within this infographic may not be revolutionary, it does offer up important information in a fun and easy to understand manner. 

The infographic is particularly useful for young people who may not have come across the issues raised in this infographic in the past.


energy infographic

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